Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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kid vs. play

i bought the house party soundtrack yesterday. oh there's a dance party up in this piece!

so, the show last night. good fun! daughters sucked, dance disaster movement was splendidly fun and happy and rad, these arms are snakes was boring, and blood brothers rocked ass. and kevin and pete came, and nikki and her friend were there, all unexpected. so yay the day. i still don't know where casey disapeared to though
okay so during daughters, i was watching the crowd cuz the band was lame (though the screamer did cute things with his voice occasionally), and saw this cute girl up front. cute cute cute. anyway, daughters ended, i wandered upstairs and looked around. looked over the railing and saw jon and kevin talking to this girl. i was like, hey! jon had said some of emilee's friends i hadn't met would be there, i figured this was one, and went back down to say hi. so who did it end up being? kitty's friend bethany, who i'd met once months ago for like a minute. she instantly recognized me, god knows how.

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