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danny from the block

woah.. so kate says i need to see the video for P.I.M.P. by snoop and 50 cent. i do a search for "p.i.m.p. video" on google and get .. check this site out, it's rather impressive.. GAYPIMP TAKES TOKYO FROM BEHIND!!! and be sure to watch the "soccer practice" video. i had that damn thing running in the background for liek 20 minutes, that song is too catchy to live

i watched jason x yesterday. it's fucking wonderful. aside from the lack of gory deaths (only one good one), it is great. "want to drink some beer? or smoke some pot? or have premarital sex? WE LOVE PREMARITAL SEX!" quickly followed by the most hilarious beatdown everrrr

i decided yesterday was laundry day. so armed only with my soundgarden shirt and my dorky green shorts, i took all my laundry down to the basement for its bath. the washing part went okay, but then i was peeved to find that the clothes were still wet after going through the dryer. this isn't like woodruff where you pay for the washer and drying is free; here they split the cost. so now i have to pay to dry them again. this is irritating, but the main problem is that i simply don't have time to wait for it to finish before going to work. so what happened, you ask? i hoped my clothes would be dry after a second time through, and went to work in my dorky green shorts, commando, and wearing nice wet socks. mmm.
work was fairly nondescript. we got a guy calling in to describe to us the porn he was watching and how it had possessed his tv. yep. about 23843843 came in to send money to indonesia[1]. friends came in, which was good. eventually i get outta work, and come in to find vince kevin and kylee passed out in the livingroom. so i go upstairs and go online. it's johanna's birthday, i IM her to say happy bday and she invites me to a party at her friend's apt. when i eventually find the place (i seem to get lost whenever i go to meet her somewhere), i quickly discover she is the only person there who doesn't entirely sketch me out. definitley a weird group. this one guy cornered me in the kitchen to explain why he was carrying around a box of sugar (for absynthe apparently. but he took the longest damn time to admit that). jo decided she was gonna leave and go to bed pretty soon after i got there so i left too. when i got back only kevin was still asleep in the livingroom. i went downstairs to see if my laundry was bearable yet, and found vince curled up asleep on the basement floor. i have no idea.

[1] for some reason, all the video places around here have secondary functions. express video is also a tanning salon, and west coast video is also a money launderer.

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