Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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i am not visually creative at all.

what is the point of your individuality? what is it for? what is it worth? it seems like it may only be pride and vanity and we hold onto it out of fear when we should let go and embrace all the possibilities we have cut ourselves off from. or maybe it's your core and balance. maybe if you lose it or give it away you will always only know that you are hollow and shallow and nothing will resonate properly again. or maybe both of these, or neither.
all i know is i made my feeble stand, and all i gained from it is wishing i hadn't made it. but i did it only because i felt i had to. and i felt i would gain by it. i wonder what i would have done if i'd known. it hardly made a difference anyway, but it made the important difference. i don't know when i realized. i don't know what i realized.

okay that's enough babbling for today. i like to think i'm deep.


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