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why mel should refrain from going away for a week

update: it occurs to me, this is unclear. stagegodess is mel. she should refrain from going away for a week, which she recently did, because she is fun to converse with. word em up. and now, on with the original postling:

King Nixon (7:51:42 PM): a cute girl wants to go climbing with me next week. hurrah!
stgegodess (7:51:47 PM): yay!
stgegodess (7:52:06 PM): and there is a bit of rejoicing
King Nixon (7:53:05 PM): yes there is
King Nixon (7:53:43 PM): not one of hte cute girls i wouldve chosen, if i had godly powers of Making Stuff Occur, but she's plenty cool
stgegodess (7:54:28 PM): excellent
King Nixon (7:54:49 PM): oui
King Nixon (7:57:34 PM): < wants godly powers of Making Stuff Occur
stgegodess (7:58:09 PM): apply for some. maybe you'll get lucky
King Nixon (8:00:03 PM): it's possible
King Nixon (8:00:34 PM): now where would i go about applying for it?
stgegodess (8:00:49 PM): uhm...the appliance place?
King Nixon (8:01:10 PM): presumably at some religious institution, but if i choose the wrong one and he knwos about it (which it seems like he would), that might reduce my chances of my application getting picked up
King Nixon (8:01:32 PM): like home depot? didnt realize they carried godly powers
stgegodess (8:01:35 PM): hmm. Maybr you can apply direct?
stgegodess (8:01:47 PM): heh
King Nixon (8:02:34 PM): that could work
King Nixon (8:03:05 PM): god is in the tv --marilyn manson.... how convenient! now i don't even have to leave the house
stgegodess (8:03:20 PM): teehee
King Nixon (8:03:26 PM): (sometimes my playllist on shuffle is quite handy)
King Nixon (8:06:36 PM): as of the beginning of the summer, i had about 35$ worth of change
stgegodess (8:06:46 PM): yes?
King Nixon (8:07:09 PM): which has since all been cashed in. 20 of it a week ago but i ran out of change rolls (damn low-tech bank). today i did the rest so i have 12 dollars
King Nixon (8:07:20 PM): which thanks to my friend needing a ride, i dont even need to spend on gas. w00t!
stgegodess (8:07:24 PM): yay?
stgegodess (8:07:27 PM): yay!
King Nixon (8:07:28 PM): yay
King Nixon (8:07:52 PM): teehee.. stgegodess (8:07:24 PM): yay?
stgegodess (8:07:27 PM): yay!
King Nixon (8:07:28 PM): yay
stgegodess (8:08:01 PM): yay
King Nixon (8:08:27 PM): yay < i'm actually saying that backwards, but you can't tell
stgegodess (8:08:40 PM): goodness, what a talent you have.
King Nixon (8:08:52 PM): it has been honed over a period of many seconds
King Nixon (8:09:03 PM): upwards of 7 of them, in fact
stgegodess (8:09:07 PM): My God, what training you've put into that!
stgegodess (8:09:16 PM): what dedication!
King Nixon (8:09:25 PM): well, once a talent like this is discovered, one doesn't let it go to waste!
stgegodess (8:09:39 PM): Im terribly impressed.
King Nixon (8:10:12 PM): =)
King Nixon (8:10:26 PM): wanna be my groupie? i'll say things backwards, and you scream piercingly and do teenybopper things
stgegodess (8:10:26 PM): this should go in the lj.
King Nixon (8:10:32 PM): agreed

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