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kevin julie desiree!

i'm looking at another place tomorrow, and 2 more next week. and mansion guy called today, so maybe he has good news. but anyway, here's the deal on the place i was at today..

it looked nice. bottom floor was kitchen/living room/another room, then the next 2 floors each had 2 bedrooms. the landlord is a silly nice old man. it's up behind express video(heat/water is natural gas. usually about 200/month in coldest months. 60/ for just water)

duplex for $1500mo
4 bedrooms
COAST bus? yes
5 miles from UNH
Furnished? no
Elec. included? no
Heat included? no
Smoking allowed? no
Pets allowed? no
H-cap access? no
(Available Sept 1)

COMMENTS : Quiet family neighborhood, ideal for graduate/upperclass
students. Off-street parking, lawn area. Large apt. includes kitchen/DR, LR
full basement. Rent based on 4 person occupancy.


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