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i've lost track of my motivations. i don't know why i do things anymore or what i'm trying to accomplish. everything changes too fast in my head, in my perceptions
i hope the doc can make shit work again, i feel bad.
The world has enough sick people who can't get better. Healthy people are the wave of the future. Why can't they just get better? Sick people get all the attention and care. What the hell is wrong with the world when only the sick get taken care of, while the rest of us get stepped on and forgotten. I say screw the sick people, and give us the medicine. I'm not sick, but I'll be damned if I'm going to give up my share of medicine to someone who is. That's bullshit. Nobody cares if they need it more. Give it to me. I deserve it, not them. They're a lost cause.
that makes me laugh every time i read it

i got a call today asking if i can come in to work at 6, cuz art has quit or something. katie (caller) said beth (workng tonight) had said to call me first cuz i'm a good worker. haha

the landlordlady at the place i looked at today was so dumbbbbb. okay, first off i had my camera with me. she tells me i cant take pictures "for privacy reasons" even though she is giving me a guided tour of hte place and EVERYONE MOVED OUT ALREADY. she was narrating the place like i was blind. "this is the bathroom, this is a bedroom, this is a closet" etc. i swear to god she said in the front room "this is a room, for going in and out." there was one room that had a soup can on the floor for some reason, and there was this tiny little door in the wall that dindt seem to go anywhere. i point to the door and ask "what is this?" she says "i think it's a can of soup"

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