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random shit

i just found a hackysack behind my computer speaker. where did that come from? if anyone wants a hackysack, speak up.

do i know any horse people? if you're a horse people in new hampshire, go here:

this song sounds like it shoulda come from sugarhill gang. how did they do this and fuck the police?

roger dodger was a very effective film. go watch it nerdboy
and watch the believer. i am seriously astounded by both of these films. moreso by the second, but i suspect it will be much more effective for people raised jewish. all the same, go see them both.
those are my movie discoveries of the summer. along with ass alien, of course.

national anthem, meet ice cream

the new summer fashions are in!

one of hte best calvin and hobbeses

doctor's appt last week. now on 75mg zoloft. the doctor was kind of a yutz. the nurse clumsily drew blood and it hurt a lot. i think this is a fantastic idea. i would like to do this sometime

on a related note, this from
There was a study done that tried to evaluate the "pace" of certain areas. They measured the amount of words spoken per minute, the average walking speed of commuters, etc. Then, they correlated this pace-of-life with things like helpfulness by staging fake bystanders dropping papers or books in the middle of a busy street. In every case, the places with the higher pace of life (in the U.S., it's the Northeast) were more likely to go out of their way to help people.
wtf! spy pig
and another! standard issue crab

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