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hey folks.. i haven't said much here lately, have i.. so did i mention i saw crouching tiger, hidden dragon a couple weeks ago? it was interesting, not what i expected. beautifully filmed, absolutely. it was all artistic. the plot was pretty lame, whcih is funny cuz everyone was saying (everyone being hte critics) how it's so good cuz it's got wacky fights AND a good plot. ner to them. and as a martial arts flick, it was pretty weak. some neat-o fights, but it was too artsy and undercranked-looking to do much for me. i woulda rather watched "who am i" or drunken master again.
i hung out with beth the day after her birthday, for the 1st time in forever. that was really good. twasn't very long - she had to go running with someone or sumthin so there wasn't time to do anything, so i just went to her house and we watched 'the graduate'. ya know, that's like the 3rd [note for those paying attention: yes, this said 1st before. typo. i just changed it today, july 8. yay!] time i've seen that movie, thanks to vh1, but this is the 1st time i noticed they look bothered on the bus. i'd always seen it before as they escaped the evil parents adn they're off to live thier happy life together happily. but watching their expressions, they're thinking hey, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. actually, it's probly closer to what have i done?!? o well..
i've seen a lot of movies lately, actually. lessee.. event horizen - has some great bits, real promise, but ends up 'hellraiser in space' with none of what made hellraiser great. i spit on your grave - i don't know hwat to say about this one. it's an exploitation flick, so right off you know it won't be pleasant. but gawd! and the directing was just weird, each shot seemed to hang for bout 10 seconds longer than it should, everything moved really slowly. like watching a feather float in the air: it looks like it's going to hit hte ground, but it swoops off on another draft and circles lazily thru the air for a few more moments. shadow of the vampire - weird as all hell. very good tho. one of those movies where the plot is secondary to the characters, so it ends before the actual end of the story is reached, but it feels like a perfectly natural end to the film, because that's how it's been set up. just you realize a bit later, that nothing ended yet and you have no idea what was going on. but because of that film i need to see "nosferatu". dude, where's my car? - nothing like i expected. i thought this would be another american pie retread, a la roadtrip. it turned out to be closer to wayne's world, but with an even more (much more!) psychotic plot. quite entertaining tho, if you're looking for some light fluffy cartoonish insanity. there were probly more movies, but i forget now.
did i mention, homevision was a wash. NER to them. the stupid manager got promoted to regional manager or something, and the new manager - dee - informed me the store is fully staffed and she woudln't be hiring anyone. ha ha. i really wish they'd told me that 2 weeks earlier. so anyway, i applied at postnet. this guy only took a lil over a week to tell me i wasn't hired. this time because he was selling the store. wtf?! dan has no luck. anyway, so today i cruised around and applied at a buncha random places (if i end up working at bunnie's, i will be so amused).
went to central's graduation. how exciting. nope. had fun gettin there tho. steph had told me she'd give me a ticket, but then central decided to be smart and said that since they were moving the graduation indoors due to a chance of rain, the # of tickets everyone was getting was reduced. now, considering tickets are ONLY used if the ceremony is indoors, what kind of ridiuclous crackhead excuse is that for giving less? "well, now you need the tickets, so you can't have them anymore. ha ha." but anyway, so the stand-up kinda gal that steph is, i'm sure she put up a huge fight to losing the tickets, by which i mean went home and griped to dave. so anyway, the plan was that nichole was driving me and dave there. dave got a ticket from jeff, but he was the only one who had one. jack calls wanting to go. we're waiting for nichole, she never shows up. so i end up driving. we get there. realize we forgot jack (oops!!), drive back to get him, drive there again. turns out they weren't checking tickets at all, so i stroll right in. so we sit there for however long it was watching the tiny faraway people get their diplomas. was my graduation this boring? i don't remember it being so bad.. o, did i mention lauri's graduation? don't think so. it was even more boring in as much as i was only there for her so the vast majority of the event i didn't care about at all. but it was outside, so i just kinda wandered around anyway. they got fireworks after! we never got fireworks. o, and i saw TWO people from my dorm there, that was totally unexpected. laurie and julie (who knows dave, small world)(o, and she was in one of those stupid "don't smoke" ads at the beginning of movies in the theater. i've only seen the one she was in once, but i laughed my head off.)
o yeah, on the day of laur's graduation, there was this big car wreck on union that i drove by like 5 times during the day, and i had no clue what happened but it looked like someone had died. turns out, just some kid broke his leg is all.
oh yeah, and we got DESTROYED in that brit authors thing (which i mentioned 10 days ago, but i'm sure all my loyal fans remember, right?). oof. but then we went to happy garden and jack's house, so s'all good. emmie looked RIDICULOUSLY HOT that day. not that that's anything new. but wow. and that was the morning of the poison show, btw. this post has absolutley no chronological order. o, also that was the day i disocvered jack now has a pet ferret, fred. i discovered this cuz i sat down on his couch and heard a weird scratching noise. i look down and see this lil ferret head sticking out from behind hte cushion.
me: jack, why is there a ferret in your couch?
jack: it's infested.
me: i see. [gets up and moves to a chair]
turns out it's not infested, but fred likes to go inside the couch and do ferrety things. okie doke.
went to my aunt's house for dinner and to see my new baby cousin. soo cute! halle is a month old, and she RULES. she was constantly makign these crazy happy gurgle noises, and my aunt was saying how she's brilliant cuz she's already starting to talk at 1 month. i was tempted to point out that she wasn't talking, she was gurgling, even my stomach can do that. but i decided to hold my peace. i don't think i quite have hte hang of holding babies, it felt like i was doing something wrong, but they were all amazed i was so good at it, so whatever. i don't know my own baby-holding genuis, i guess. maybe i'll learn to juggle them.
day after that was michelle's graduation party, wherein i talked to her for maybe 10 mins total cuz she was constantly running around doing hostess things. i spent most of the time talkin to these random people there (i think most of em were from abacus cuz i vaguely remember seeing them before, but who knows), they were pretty cool. cept this 1 girl who was dumb as a post, she was the sort to, 10 minutes after a conversation has ended and everyone is now talking about something else, will pop up with this random remark about hte old topic, completely oblivious to our confusion at what she's talkin about. i'm very proud of how ungrammatical that last sentence was. o, and there was this total brat kid there who kept trying to steal my watch and beat me up and so forth, and he wouldn't go the hell away. i wanted to punch hiim. stupid 8 yr old.
then after that, i went to steph's graduation party. yay for partyhopping. met some of her random friends, tho the only one who showed promise was steph leblanc, who was pretty cool. she's also a) rooming with steph at unh next year (assuming they get their housing), and b) going out with widger. they've been goin out for a year, she reports. widger has a girlfriend?! what is wrong with this world? but anyway, so steph's party was much fun. her parents are very industrious - apparently her dad knocked down a lil of the forest behind thier house to build part of the backyard. her mom made tons of food for us, it was great. there were SHRIMP. i ate approximately 9000 shrimp. and a buncha cucumber slices in dip, and other random things. porter and eli were militantly meatgan (porter's anti-vegan movement, wherein you must eat nothing which does not come from animals in some fairly direct fashion. meat is encouraged, but any animal product will do) the entire evening, to my amusement. we all played pool-volleyball. since my swimsuit is still in canada (ahem, john) i swam in my shorts, which believe it or not were apparently not designed with this use in mind. but hey, worked well enough i guess. many people came and went, but at the end of hte nite, me, eli, porter, nichole, and steph sat in steph's kitchen for like 2 hours and talked and were randomly amusing, as any conversation involving eli and porter must be.
i have been sleeping sooooooo much lately. like 10+ hours a night. i have no clue why. now granted, the nite before i only got 5 hrs, but last night i was in bed for 12.5 hours. that is madness. also granted, i was awake for approx 1.5 hours of that, but still. hmm.
the 3 doors down/oleander/7 mary 3/6gig/c60 show is tomorrow, yay! o yeah, my dad RULES, check this out: i'm in my room last week. he walks in, says "oh i forgot this" and hands me a ticket to aforementioned show. totally random, he'd just gone out and bought one and gave it to me. yay!!
i think that about covers everythign worth saying. and a lot of things not worth saying, but ner.
i have hardly been on aim in like 3 days. people must think i'm dead. heh.

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