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lots of unrelated things that mostly don't make sense, and some links and stuff

manch hits the big time!!
from This Is True, 7/27:
STICKS AND STONES: Raymond White, 44, was drinking with his new girlfriend, Lisa Smith, 31, when Smith told him he didn't have any muscles and challenged him to an arm-wrestle. He took up the challenge -- and lost. She told police in Manchester, N.H., that she then called him a "wimp", and in response White flew into a rage, dragged her out of the house by her hair, and beat her up in the street. White has pleaded innocent to assault charges. (Manchester Union Leader News) ...Only a wimp beats up a girl and then denies it.
sadly, i don't know any of these people.

i feel left out. stop that.

and obliquely, you break down all my defenses

of course i changed my mind. of course it doesn't matter.

i have so many books (and cds, and other things, but that's a different story). many of them i have never read. many of the ones i have read i have forgotten. if i went through and saved maybe 10 of them, and then you randomly chucked half of the remainder, i would probably never notice what was gone. i could box them all and keep them in the basement and they would do me just as much good. if there's a book i want to read, i'll go to the library. it seems like anything you could keep in a box in your basement may as well be thrown out. but i keep them all, regardless. i regret giving away/selling all my comic books, but if i had them i wouldn't read them. why do i buy things? where does all my money go?

not only do i care about you more than you probably think, but i will probably never be able to explain why or how to either of our satisfactions.


i laughed so hard at the first joke that i almost fell off my bed. i laughed out loud, but less so, at the second one. by the end of the list, i didn't really care. looking back at the first few, i feel baffled at why i found them funny and feel kindof ashamed/bad for laughing so hard. i'm sure by tomorrow i will be more cynical and tell them at parties. now i understand why the sad face at the top looks less upset. true story.

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