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is you is or is you ain't my constituency??

i saw "o brother where art thou" tonite. that movie RULES! the coen bros once again confirm themselves frigging awesome at stuff. i need to see all their movies, definitely. i've seen this, lebowski, fargo, and barton fink. i need more more more! anyone up for a coen nite sometime?
so let's see, what's been up avec moi.. alrighty, the tale starts with friday, wherein i go fetch laur (and, as it turned out, tessa) and we.. um.. do something. oh, right food. then movie. yay. so it turns out bibleman wasn't playing, sadly, so we saw 'escape from hell'. it was every bit as cheesy and ridiculous as it sounds. basically, it was "flatliners" with jesus. it had a few really wonderful shots of the constipated-looking dead guy flying happily thru the big goofy evil-dead-esque timewarp thingy up to heaven. that was fun. tho as it turned out in the shocking twist of fate, he really went to hell. gee. all in all, i give it F as a real movie, and C as amusingly bad. word. then after that we drove around in the labyrinth of doom trying to get out of lawrence. friggin town.
then saturday.. now, i was supposed to head down to manch around 4, hang out with angie for awhile, go see jackson, and come back to unh. that was the plan. herein will be told the unraveling of said plan. i get to manch at about 4:10. call her house. her dad says she'll be back around 5. call her cell, it's not on. okie. figure i'll go see jeff for awhile. so i stop in there, we talk for a bit, then i head off again for my house. no one home. check my mail (i got my tax refund! 123$ baby!), program our universal remote to work the tv cuz my parents were yet to manage that, try her cell again. no dice. so anyway, around 5, i call yet again, and she says she's with auger going to play frisbee with people, and i should come. so off i go.. now i get to livingston, and she's pulling out to go to her dad's bday party. hmm. so anywayz, i hang out there for awhile with all the peoples remaining, that was cool. head home again, talk to the parents for a bit. head to jack's around 8:30, everyone's watching the 10 commandments. yay. that was quite the interesting film. can't say i'm a big fan. tho there were good moments.. as ramses is casting moses out into the desert, biggie comments "maybe i'll do that to nick someday". ya never know. so yeah, that was fun, saw a buncha ppl, saw a crazy movie. then back i go.
now, this morning, at early o'clock, i get up and head off to lauri's cuz she asked me to go to some easter play or something. alright. turns out said play was her church's service. hmm. but afterwards i was invited over for easter dinner which was thoroughly yummy (yay for ham, kosher food that it is). kevin tho was flipping out all day (her brother), that kinda sucked. i dunno.. but yeah, then we watched some of 'gone with the wind' which was amusing, and played scrabble, and i won despite losing a turn cuz "shant" wasn't a word. stupid shant. (of course, said game lasted for like 6 turns, but still). nuthin better than getting 30 points on 'natch'. natch!
yeah, then i left to come watch 'o brother', and here i am to do my tons of homework as per usual. word.
there was other things i wanted to say, but i've forgotten them. i bsaically forgot everything of value, didn't i, that was just a summary. ah well, matters not.

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