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word up, suckas

hi. i'm in the mub. we are still off the grid at the mansion.
school goes well so far. yesterday i had linguistic analysis (ling anal); the teacher seems fun and kate is in the class, so rock. today was philosophy and the arts, with whittier again. he is still wacky. nick compared him (well, i'd say) to the mark twain character on star trek. i decided against sculpture for reasons of i like to sleep.
i handed in my tape at wunh, so hopefully i'll have a gooder timeslot soon.
i have been seeing lots of people around that i didn't see all summer. it's lovely. it's funny how some people i haven't seen at all and some people i've run into like 5 times already. not even that we are around the same area a lot, i'll just see them walking around campus at some random spot. also i saw kitty yesterday on main st. now really, out of the mumblemumble number of people we have on campus, what is the chance i would see her the first day back? yeah.
the reason i was on main st was to get a bus back to A lot to get my car. i was reading while i waited so didn't really notice the time pass, until i realized it had been AN HOUR AND A HALF and the bus hadn't come. this was at like 5pm. so i walked. today i drove around for honestly almost an hour looking for a parking spot. freaking campus.
the mansion is nice. my roommates are nice. you should come visit. this will be a good year.

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