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word up, thugs. until such time as we have phone at the mansion, we will be using my cell phone. it's not a normal one with calling plans and crap; my mom got it for me awhile ago for when i crash and die on the highway at 3am and stuff like that- it's one of those pre-pay kind where you buy minutes and yeah.
aaanyway, so you can call us at 289-2462. usually it's not on, cuz i forget to turn it on, but you can leave messages and i'll get those, i usually check in teh morning. for now it lives at home so the roomies can make calls and stuff, but once we get a phone line, i am going to be carrying it around like a normal cellphone, as an experiment. maybe i'll like it, maybe not.
so yeah. in conclusion: call us all the time and leave fun messages.

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