Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

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dream baby

i have been having fucked up dreams lately. like since school started. last night i had two seperate dreams (i have also been waking up early morning, around 8ish, lately, tehn going back to sleep) about me attempting suicide. not actually doing it, but like in the dream i just had attempted recently and people are treating me weird and i feel really ashamed of it.
to be clear, i'm not suicidal (consciously?). it seems weird that both dreams started right after i had failed at it; i dunno what that means. if anything.
i also had a dream last night (this may have been one of the other two, i can't really remember) where i was killing people and stealing their souls with these little magic cigarette lighter things. and i felt really really guilty about it. so i killed two bad people who were doing it with me and ran off. i was lost in my aunt's house somewhere (which is quite big, but not as much as in the dream). oh, and i was doing the killing/stealing FOR my family; only not my real family, it was like the addams family only way evil-er.

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