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i keep thinking i have stuff to say, but i get to this here update page and draw a blank. i've been doing that lately, i have all this random funny stuff happen to me and i'm like 'ooh, gotta tell people about that' and then i instantly forget it. i feel so uninteresting lately; i never have anything to talk about. though that's nothing new. ah well.
i just made a post about having nothing to post about. shit. okay i owe you guys something funny now: this kid shane that i met today is gonna be staying with us for a few nights apparently. lee, you know him. i guess last year he got wicked drunk (in englehardt no less [the chem-free dorm]) and peed all over some random girl. or the girl claimed he did, or something. i didn't get the whole story. also, he walked from CT to NH over the course of 3 rainy days. so he should be interesting to have around. hey, the phone's ringing! wtf i'm in the aegis office, our phone never rings! oh it's from next door, nevermind. stupid cubicles.

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