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I'M ON THE INTERNET! WITH MY COMPUTER! Which is not like yours at ALL. Mine is JEWISH.

okay so this is all stuff i have been writing in the lj client thingy on my computer while i didn't have a connection. so the day names will not be especially helpful to you, but i don't feel like fixing them. so all this happened recentlyish.

movies i saw tuesday:
"plan 10 from outer space" was fucking WEIRD and ridiculous and silly and wonderful. it is about mormons and aliens and feminists and bees.
"narc" started off really well but turned out to be pretty dumb.
"white room" was being john malkovitch crossed with a 50s style educational video. also, porn. but it had a truncated romantic ending! awww

the plot of "white room" -- this dude is having sex with his wife but she gets grossed out when he cums on her feet. so he gets up to have a latenight snack of crumbs and milk. he runs out of milk, opens his fridge, gets SUCKED INTO IT, and spends awhile wandering this hallway where various people are having sex in big white rooms. this random creepy blue lady appears and makes him watch a video explaining that the world is going to end in 2001 and, to prepare for the apocalypse, they are harvesting as much sperm as possible, to replenish the planet after civilization is destroyed. the creepy lady wants him to cum in a cup, but he can't get aroused. he watches various weird sex scenes and is nothin doin, until he sees a guy in a monk robe sucking some lady's toes. this gets him going, but right at the crucial moment he screams "i'm going to cum!" violating their unexplained no-talking rule. cut to him stuck in a chair with the creepy lady about to cut his tongue out with scissors. everything freezes for no apparent reason, and he pops back out of his fridge. he gets into bed with his wife and tenderly holds her hand. the end.

so yeah, wednesday night i got home and noticed this big scab on my left leg right above the ankle. it's one of those scabs that is almost black, it's so dark with blood. there was dried blood on my sock. it looked like i got attacked with a big staple gun. i have absolutely no idea how i got injured.
a further clue: going to bed that night i found a small dallop of dried blood on my sheet abotu where the ankle would go. so i guess i cut myself somehow the night before while i was sleeping ??

i was supposed to do the fencing demo at the freshman jukebox. but beth (running the demo) said it was saturday. it turned out to be sunday. imagine my surpsire saturday night when i got to the mub and it was empty. and i coudln't do it sunday cuz of moving and such. bah

mars was close on wednesday. i coudln't see much difference. i mean it's cool and all, but visually speaking a streetlight would be more impressive. i noticed it was blocking the light from all the stars around it, though, which was interesting

i type a lot of things to post and then delete them. not because it's too personal or anything, i just decide most of what i would say is too frivolous to waste your time with

"girls have penises and boys have vaginas... wait.. no.." -beth

so let's talk about the shuttles, shall we? i am not very happy with them. yesterday i got to school and was waiting for a shuttle to take me outta A lot. no less than 3 out-of-service shuttles in a row went past, so i gave up and walked. today i wasn't even going to bother waiting, but a bus was coming right when i parked, so i ran over. out of service. shockingly. as far as i can tell, no one uses the inner loop connector route, and that goes by every 10 minutes. i say they take the busses off there and put them on useful routes. on the plus side, today riding back to A lot after my class, a girl flashed the shuttle.

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