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so, operation drinking-will-make-me-a-better-writer has ended inconclusively. my story is starting off interestingly, but i may regret having it all in 2nd person when i get halfway thru and don'tknow what the hell is going on. also, it makes hte grammar really confusing.

why do sketchyass people insist on coming into westcoast and asking us stupid things? this creepy guy came in and asked me to print him up a receipt of his account balance (he owes almost 300 bucks. also, a note someone left on his account informed me he once returned a porn with a pube stuck on it. GREAT). luckily, the computer was giving me shit so beth took over, which is why she was the one stuck dealing with him when he informed us he wanted a printout of all 382438343 times he has made a payment to his absurdly large debt. which mysteriously isn't going down because every time he makes a payment he also rents a movie which he then returns late. hmm.
a note i left on someone's account tonight: "this guy is a putz. i want to stab him in the throat."
don't get me wrong; we get cool customers too. but theyre not nearly as much fun to talk about.

i got to the outkast party after it stopped being a particularly partying party, but it was fun to hang out. and fun to drive around newmarket at 1 in the morning wondering where i am supposed to be going.

i looooove the new brick oven pizza place in dover. la festa. i want to have its babies, and they will cook me little baby pizzas. all the guys working there have fun hair and they play cool music.

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