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starburn55 (11:52:57 PM): and in german, fucked up (as in smashed) is obgefucked

obgefucked. seriously now, who thought of that? german is pretty cool sometimes

a quote from the TNH article about the red sox riot:
One student asked a topless RJ Palazzolo, a freshman, "Aren't you cold?"
"No," he answered her. "I'm warm with the spirit of baseball."
AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA i seriously cannot get enough of that. warm with the spirit of baseball.

like half my massage class didnt show up this week. f?

okay, so i was in brooks today to pick up a prescription. waiting for it, i wandered over to the books to kill time. i found this one the policy that looked cool and started readng. 3 hours later, i had skimmed through all 400ish pages of it. holy shit. the end falls apart, but the main idea of hte book is pretty brilliant, and creepy, and there are some very scary scenes. it got under my skin and i still feel sorta weird. so anyway, my question (and there is always a question) is- why did i read this? why do people enjoy horror? i don't mean sillyass gore core movies taht we can watch and laugh at. i mean seriously scary horrifying things. what is the pleasure in this? there must be something, because a lot of people seek it out. i know i do. but when i find it, i end up feeling disturbed and bothered.

the book kindof reminded me of new nightmare, that last freddy movie wes craven did. mostly it is wonderful, and has everything going for it. then the end just falls apart; he clearly had no idea what to do with all his ideas and didn't know how to end it, so he threw in this big crazy climax that made no sense. or maybe that was his planned ending all along, and it just didn't work. or i don't get it, but it sure feels like a major let-down after the rest of the movie. the book was like that, this incredibly malevolent force invading people's lives, and then suddenly theyre in mexico fighting mummies and elementals and whatever the fuck else was supposed to be going on in there. oh well. but the thing is, i'm thinking about it now- i don't have the slightest clue how else that could have gone. there is no good way i can think to conclude the story, or explain anything, or end it at all, wihtout either being a huge let-down or being really stupid. kinda like AI. what do you do with ideas like that? let them go to waste, or ruin them with tacky endings?

i hate tailgaters. not that they're right behind you, which is a dangerous thing for huge speedy cars to do, but it's just weird. i don't like looking in my rearview and seeing this behemouth truck or whatever looming up on me like it's just going to plow right through me for hte crime of not going fast enough. or at night when all you see is headlights flying toward you. no good.

i will end this on a nicer note- the house down the street from here makes me laugh. they continually add to their lawn/fence decorations in the most gaudy ways possible. they already have numerous flags and friggin xmas-light-constructed flags so you can see their neon patriotism at night. today, i guess to get a jump on halloween, they put up this big goofy skeleton hanging on a tree. he's just hanging out wiht all the flags, looking absurdly out of place. i like it.

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