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from an email i got today:
Also, please note that the Honors Program Senior Checklist form that was mailed to you is due to our office by Friday, October 10. We need these forms not only to ensure that you have completed all of the requirements for your designation, but also that you receive the proper designation on your diploma and transcript. Thank you.
did anyone else in the honors program not get this checklist thing? ihave no idea what they're talking about. guess i'd better stop in tomorrow and ask what's up

dinner tonight: celery and peanut butter. i think i'm secretly a supermodel.
seriously though, i've been eating weird lately. not like unhealthily weird, just weird for me. at walmart last night, i bought this unhomogenized natural peanut butter, or something to that effect. it's SOOOO FUCKING GOOD. seriously. come visit adn you can try some. it's oppressively peanut-y, like if you just mooshed up some peanuts and ate them. i love it. and i bought all this jumbalya rice stuff, and ruby red grapefruit juice (i have had the hugest craving for grapefruit lately), frigging GRITS. i bought grits.
it's funny, my parents always ragged on me about the stuff i eat, and how i'm gonna give myself 11 heart attacks. i never cared. suddenly i'm all about healthy foods and stuff. the weird thing is i still don't care; i'm not eating this to be healthier, i could give a crap. i just felt like having celery and peanut butter tonight.
(not that peanut butter is the world's healthiest food, but you know what i mean., one thing about this unhomogenised stuff, when i opened the jar there was a big gross layer of oil on top. it said to mix it all in. i did, but thinking about it, maybe i shoulda skimmed some of hte oil off down the drain first. i remember being told that back in the day, everyone got milk unhomogenized, and the main part would be skim milk with a layer of cream on top. you could seperate them and have skim milk and cream, or mix it up for whole milk, or something in the middle. that sounds cool. why can't you get that now? i'll put hte cream in my grits.)

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