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if you think about it literally, the phrase "blood-curdling" is incredibly nasty. just think about it- all your blood getting lumpy and rancid. yum.
also, "hip hop" taken literally is pretty funny.

Narcoleptic Fuzz (7:43:31 PM): her friend ended up finding out one Monday that she was pregnant, and had the kid on Wednesday. she was taking the form of the Pill where you never get your period, and apparently she didn't look pregnant at all, and never knew. she just went to the doctor because she was sick
the rest of this post happened a few hours ago and i forgot to hit post:

i'm such a dork. i just skipped down the hall singing 'sheena is a punk rocker'. oh life.

okay so you know the cliche sitcom scene..
girl: you should put the seat up!
guy: why?
girl: cuz i went to pee last night and sat on the rim/fell in/something else ridiculous
guy: uhm.. okay you're dumb. why didnt you look first? or put it down yourself
girl: *cries or throws a fit or something*
guy: everything i have ever said in my life is wrong. please castrate me.
audience: *canned laughter*
so yeah, i just went to the bathroom, wasnt paying attention, and sat down on the rim. ew. that was a new one for me

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