Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
Prometheus von Cornsilk

stillborn brainchildren

(stuff i havent posted yet)

i ordered a dvd/cd-r drive the other day yay! i will finally be able to copy some of this crap off my computer before it explodes, and watch movies without taking over desiree's room, and make mix cds, and yeah.

on thursday i went down to boston with my phil class. we went to the boston symphony, whcih i mostly slept through cuz i had gotten a whopping 1 hour of sleep. that sucked. but then we went to the MFA which i really enjoyed. i want to go back there when i do not have a deadline of having to rush back to the bus. so much neat stuff, and so much weird stuff.
i was wearing my lazardos shirt, and this random kid was like WOAH LAZARDOS! I KNOW JEFF! and it was funny

in the year 2000, there were 24 children born in the US named Unique. yes.

sandwich the other day: spaghetti sauce and pickled bamboo

OH GOOD I JUST SPILLED THUMBTACKS ALL OVER MY RUG I LOVE LIFE. and the water filter won't come off the faucet and water is coming out of that faucet opaque grey

you should never feel second-rate in your own home.

i would die for you, but i couldn't kill for you

hmm apparently CNETPC just fedexed me a package. now what the hell could that be? .. oh nevermind, they cancelled it the next day. weird.

i had such a screwy dream last night. i'm making it into a story. it already is a story. it had a plot and narrative and climax and everything. so weird. thanks, brain!

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