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i bought a book

i bought a book yesterday: house of leaves. haven't yet started the actual reading process, as i'm still finishing another book, but i went thru it a bit last nite, looks very interesting. what 1st caught my eye at the store was the typography: text runs up, down, backwards, forwards, in circles, diagonal, different colors, different fonts. some pages are densey packed with words while others only have a fragment of one. madness, but intriguingly so.
i randmly spotted it on the shelf - we were at barnes n nobles - thought the cover looked cool, and glanced thru. it was insane, so of course i had to have it. i love things like this. i read infinite jest based on a review that said it was impossible to keep track of everything. they were right, of course, but it's devilish fun trying. i like things that just barely make sense, and you have to work at it.
that is what i want my writing to be. not literally (or even close to) like anything in particular i've mentioned, but the feeling of it. i want it to be something people wonder at, keep thinking about when they're done, don't know if they've understood it all. not confusing, so much as dense.

i want to know everything. all the ideas, read all hte books, see all hte movies, have discussions on the most esoteric details, debate russian history in russian, be licensed and skilled in everything. just everything.

this, of course, is impossible.

but it would be glorious fun to try.

if i wasn't so damn lazy.

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