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the head

so i had some kinda fucked up headache last night. i was really lethargically tired all yesterday. around 8ish, at massage class, my left eye started hurting and feeling pressured. sometimes prodding it helps a lil, but not this time. it started getting worse. megan was saying the room was freezing, but i felt fine. she's an icecube girl anyway. but then i started feeling warm. class gets out, i go outside in the cold, feel better but then not better anymore and start shivering a little. kickass. drive home. sit in car for 10 minutes not wanting to move. come upstairs. eye hurts, side of face hurts, feel nausous. try throwing up, only burp.
get water and a roll. eat half of roll, feel nausous-er. drink water. feel very hot. take off clothes, get in bed. it's like 10:30-11ish now. ask desiree for migraine pain pills from medicine cabinet. take one. lie there for like a half hour before i can rouse myself to take the other. start feeling that weird sleep-deprived sense that i am doing things i am actually only thinking about doing, and then realize i havent actually done them. last time i am aware of before i fall asleep is 1:30. wake up around quarter to 6, feeling wide awake adn well. nonetheless, i am comfy and figure i SHOULD be tired, so i stay in bed til 8:30. then i have breakfast and go online. oh, and i can't find hte other half of that roll. did i eat it in my sleep?
time to go to class!

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