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it's funny, cuz cosmo says we're soulmates

yo, lj sucks and is not sending me notification thingys for when people comment. so if you have recently said anything interesting to me via comment, or do so in the future, let me know if you want me to actually see it.

alicia's response to what superhero she would want to be for halloween: seductra virgintaker.

i like my long ass showers. they are relaxing.

desiree bought these little water bottles. they're 9oz each. kevin said he could probably get one into his mouth, as he is (proud of being) able to get his whole fist into his mouth. so he tried. the bottle got about halfway in. and got stuck. and woudln't come out for like 2 minutes. and i laughed myself silly.

note to whittier: if someone asks a question, and you start answering it, and they say REPEATEDLY that you misinterpreted and/or they misspoke, therefore what you are answering was not in fact the question they wished to ask, you can stop talking. you do not need to TALK OVER THEM to continue making your weird rambling point. in conclusion, pay attention and stfu kthx.

so i finally managed to detach my water filter from the sink. i had started trying to the other day when the water was coming out of that sink opaque grey. i got it like halfway off but coudlnt get it to budge any more. since then the water has cleared up, but would spray out the sides cuz the filter was on loose. so i finally got it off now, only part of hte faucet came off with it, and now i can't detach that from the rest of it. i am slowly destroying this house's plumbing

every day when i'm leaving hte mansion, i first have 4 herseys special dark chocolate chips. i'm not sure why herseys thinks theyre special, but they sure are delish

Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:06:02 PM): HAHA CONGRATULATIONS
King Nixon (12:06:08 PM): thank you i am very proud!
Narcoleptic Fuzz (12:06:11 PM): YOU'RE NOW A SENIOR

do you or does anyone you know need a place to live in dovahhhh? jon and bp are in the market for a new roommate.

i don't know how goth kids do it.

i am astoundingly easy to manipulate if you know how to pull the strings and push the buttons. i read 40 minutes of a book i only bought as a gift for someone else, and i feel like i've started a religious conversion. so strange

i thought i'd found all my spilled thumbtacks, but the little clear plastic fuckers are hard to spot on offwhite rug. i keep finding ones that managed to escape. i'm sure ina few days i'll forget and step on one and die.

a red dog beer truck drove by me the other day. it said "plank road brewery" on it, but for a minute i thought it said "punk rock brewery". that would be amazing. there should be indie alcohol. scene pints.

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