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like a cast shadow

so the mansion lost its worldwideinternetweb connection today. i dunno what happened; i woke up and it wasn't working and jeff isn't home to bother, so i am in the mub now.
this is my 1st completely free evening in like a month and i wanna do something fun and exciting, but i can't seem to find anyone to do fun and exciting things with. so you should call my cell [289.2462] and we will hang out and i will reward you with lsd-laced hugs.
also: possibly saturday, and definitely next tuesday, i have entirely free. i want to do something neat-o. like a trip to boston or something. yes?

You are a Return of the Living Dead Zombie. You
were brought back from the grave by exposure to
245-Trioxin. You crave the heavenly taste of
spicy brains to stop the pain of being dead.
You are virtually indestructible, as even
burning you up will create Zombie Rain and
raise more zombies.

What kind of Zombie are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
why is the picture resident evil but the text is return of the living dead? friggin zombies.

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