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god doesn't destroy cities, godzilla destroys cities.

tonight was weird. i got home at like 8 and kevin comes to the door to tell me the power was out. it had been out since 2. he had been sitting in teh house for 6 hours not doing anything. weird. the only lights we had (which he was mcguiver enough to find, i probably woulda been trying to use my watch's light-up thing) were a dying flashlight and desiree's portable lightbright. like half the lightbright pegs got spilled in the bathroom and i'm sure lots of them are still there. finding clear plastic pegs in the dark is fun. when desiree got home hte 3 of us went to nastassia's cuz she had invited me over. she left like 10 minutes after we got there. weird. but laura was still there so i figured it was ok, but then they were all leaving, but then there was a fight or something. i don't actualy know what happened but people were mad at someone about something or felt bad or i don't know, but then we left. i think kevin and desiree are watching matrix2 but i just watched it last night. it was a lot better than the 1st time, when i thought it was terrible. the end.
oh, and apparently i am designated driver for the fiction slut club to go barhopping in portsmouth. this will quite possibly be the funniest night of my life.

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