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haha yep

"[picasso] had more periods than you women." -prof whittier
he says stuff like that all the time, and it rules, and he's a neat guy. BUT. i want to fucking punch him in the face, he is so incredibly frustrating. we got back our midterms today and he was going over it. now, i got an A so this is no skin off my back, but people were asking him questions about some of how he graded and hwat he was lookin for and he was a fucking asshat about it. he makes this huge big production about how we cannot interrupt him (by which he meant raise our hands to indicate he is stupid and we would like to comment as such) until he's done talking and blah blah he has to get his whole ideas out and then we can tear into them. which seems fair, EXCEPT once he finishes and lets' people respond, he will interrupt people and talk over them and generally do everything he told us not to. and i called him on it today and he compeltely ignored me.

also: today i had a nice talk with my advisor, krasner (who i'm quite sure is seinfeld and al kaprilian's love child), about zombie movies. and the box in his office labeled something like ALL DEATH. he's a rad guy.

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