Prometheus von Cornsilk (kingnixon) wrote,
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good morning

i just had a lame dream, where all this shitty stuff kept going on. and then, in the dream mind you, i started thinking about how i should post to lj about how i'm having a bad day. i think that's the 1st time i've dreamt about updating lj. haha. i hope this is a trend. and then in the dream i went to visit a church and had matrix ninja battles with an evil skeleton, and was punished for murdering people by being escorted around by the ghosts of murderers and killing more people, adn then racing bunnies. and i think i've had that dream before, but is there any way to tell if your memory of having had a dream in the past wasn't also part of the same dream?

whiskey tango foxtrot? i keep losing stuff in my room. now to those of you who have seen my room this may not be a surprising fact, but the thing is, i'm not losing the stuff that's strewn all over my floor. i can find all that: it's on the floor. the stuff i'm losing is the stuff that i had actually put away and have no memory of moving from its spot, which just baffles me.

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