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Narcoleptic Fuzz (1:52:19 AM): YOU'RE A ZOMBIE GENIUS

kate is teaching our linguistics teacher the proper use of the word 'whack'. it makes me laugh. she's rad.

and now, onto more amazing news: alex parsons, my advanced fiction/independent study teacher, got picked out of a bajillion people to write screenplays for amblin entertainment out in california next semester. which is fuckin rad already, but! in alex's response to my zombie story*, he said "I'd actually love to steal it as the premise for a screenplay, though I suspect I'd do quite different things than you have with the living dead." and i just got an email from him saying, in part, "On a related note, I'm serious about wanting to use your zombie concept as a backdrop to a screenplay--a metaphor for all of us in our lives, if you will. If you're willing, I promise that you'll get recognition and a cut if it ever comes to anything." ALEX I AM WILLING

* note: this story sucks, in the sense that it is not a story at all. it's a lot of description and background information and such, and i think pretty damn good for that, but there is no actual plot to speak of. hopefully future drafts will address this.

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