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maybe baby

we had the aegis fancy dress party tuesday night. it was lots of fun and everyone looked swank.
my mission for the party was to buy cake. julie came with me. i was gonna get ice cream cake but it was fuckin 27$. i would rather just buy a tub of icecream and carve a cake out of it. so we got this chocolate oreo cake instead..
checkout guy: man that cake looks great
julie: yeah it must be hard working at a place like this when you're hungry
guy: yeah.. especially when you're hungry
me and julie: *blank stares, failed attempts not to laugh*
and that guy turned out to be a friend of anna's, so all the better

i bought the dead alive dvd on ebay. i am pleased to own this masterpiece. but i am not pleased to be spending yet more money i dont' have. stupid credit, don't let me use you!

i wish i had a lighter. you just can't listen to this song without flicking a lighter.

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