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dan vs weather

so julie kindly reminded me at 10:40 that i have the radio tonight (at 11), because i had plum forgot. so i zip over to campus. on the way there i remember that it is a winter snow emergency parking ban thingy tonight, so i call the station to ask what lot i'm supposed to go to cuz i coudln't remember. am told B. i go to B and see a sign saying don't go to B and call this number for info. i call and am told (eventually) to go to the way far back of A. so i drive over there. on teh way i call the station again to let them know i'm gonna be a lil late cuz of this, but my cell runs outta power mid-call. k. so i get to the lot, and there is NO room to park. every last spot is filled up with a few cars circling aimlessly. swell. so i drive to one of those phonestands and call the station to ask what the hell i'm suposed to do. it is decided (after i get disconnected and have to call back) the station will be turned off and i should go home. swell.
then me and julie had a pizza/store24 party, which was nice. but i am still irritated.

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