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i love my family

my grandma called me bozo yesterday and said it was against the law to talk to me.
my 2 yr old cousin halle is so the cutest thing of life. oh mannn. she sucks at jenga though.
spencer, pointing to deng [cousin andrea's boyfriend. vietnamese]: "do you know who this person is?"
halle: "that's not a person! that's deng"
my aunt made us sing hanukkah songs. we are not a tuneful bunch. we are not the partridge family.
everyone doubted my ability to read labels on the drink bottles. dammit i can tell cider from grape juice from wine.
so much food. so many latkes. mmm.
yankee swap. swapped items: a talking simpsons bottle opener ("mmm beer.. WOOHOO!"), a purse, choclate in shapes from the hanukkah story (which jonathan will bring to work and use to proselytize), a nonfunctional plastic ball-gun, more chocolate, a (jewish!) bookmark, colorful bags, notecards, 8 dollars, and a telephone organiser. somehow i ended up with the 8 bucks and the gun. actually halle claimed the gun, but her parents vetoed that and gave it to me when she wasn't looking.
renny played songs on the piano. i want to write down the music he plays, he is a really good composer. next time i come i'll bring some blank sheet music.
on the way back, we listened to my mom's crappy tape and then casey on the radio.
there was more stuff that i forgot. so, the end!

(ps: when i use other computers i realize how incredibly LOUD mine is. stupid loud whirring fan)

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