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Tygr28 (11:07:58 PM): is the opposite of <3 .. >3?

i am currently invited to 3 different newyears parties. oh decisions! local yokels, what are you all doing for newyears?
someone i don't know IMed me this link and then signed off. so thank you, inallthisburning, whoever you are *wants!!*
on a similar note, i have just discovered that i am able to access the OED site from off-campus through the unh library site. eee! linguisticdorkjoy!

why are some laws sancrosect? i have no problem speeding if the speed limit is foolishly low, but i will sit at a red light at 3am with no one else anywhere around waiting for it to turn green. is there any difference? i can't think of one

do any of you smartys know what the little bits in citrus fruit are called? like, the itty little pods that contain the juice, is there a word for those? pulp?

a word of advice: don't put your website on your business card until you actually HAVE a website

spam i got today: "Great CHRSITMAS SLAES on CEHAP s0ftwares! Discounts is UP TO 80%!" YEAH SIGN ME UP!! i do enjoy their misspelling of sales though, it looks more like slaves

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10 bleedingmustards a-breakdancing.
9 cptngoths a-laying.
8 crawl27s a-ranting.
7 desireexangeles a-leaping.
6 leyses a-chuckling.
5 light blue shesgotthelooks.
4 listening tygr28s.
3 Canadian violentlees.
2 bull xpuella8xs.
And a xsxedulcetcryx in a pomelo tree.
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Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

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