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disco kate

Tygr28 (11:04:37 PM): reading should be more interactive
Tygr28 (11:04:51 PM): like strobe lights
Tygr28 (11:04:55 PM): why aren't there more strobe lights in reading?
King Nixon (11:05:41 PM): hahahah, jeez, leave the epileptics SOMEthing they can do!
Tygr28 (11:05:45 PM): hahah
King Nixon (11:06:00 PM): though a disco library would be pretty damn badass
Tygr28 (11:06:04 PM): yeah i guess when pokemon was out, their lives lost a lot of value...
Tygr28 (11:06:08 PM): haha yes
Tygr28 (11:06:16 PM): when i'm famous, i'll make a disco everything
King Nixon (11:06:30 PM): step9 4 lyfe
Tygr28 (11:06:34 PM): w3rd
Tygr28 (11:07:41 PM): mmm disco milk
King Nixon (11:07:44 PM): hahahha
King Nixon (11:07:52 PM): i dont know what that would even be, but it sounds great
Tygr28 (11:07:59 PM): it would be fantastic.
King Nixon (11:08:07 PM): yes!
Tygr28 (11:08:19 PM): get your party on, and get a full day's calcium!
Tygr28 (11:08:33 PM): saturday milk fever!
King Nixon (11:08:39 PM): it would strobe to different colors while you're drinking it
King Nixon (11:08:40 PM): HAHAHA
Tygr28 (11:08:44 PM): definitely
King Nixon (11:09:11 PM): dairy inferno
Tygr28 (11:09:15 PM): hahahah
Tygr28 (11:09:27 PM): omg the milk moustaches would be insane
King Nixon (11:09:57 PM): HAHHA
King Nixon (11:10:34 PM): milk: it does a booty good
Tygr28 (11:10:42 PM): hahah oh man that's the best
Tygr28 (11:10:52 PM): these advertisements are begging to be drawn
King Nixon (11:11:05 PM): that sounds like a challenge!
King Nixon (11:11:14 PM): haha i think talking to you makes me funnier
Tygr28 (11:11:19 PM): hahahah
Tygr28 (11:13:35 PM): whoa, apparently the origin of disco was in the "Homosexual and African American Subculture"
Tygr28 (11:13:57 PM): but john travolta changed at least half of that!



see also: disco wine

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