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dan's adventures in unemploymentland, and other exciting places

to quote hailey79:
Work sucks work sucks
I hardly make enough bucks

so the guy at mobil who interviewed me last weeknd had said he'd call me at the end of the week for '2nd interviews'. apparently it's quite a process to get a job there. anyway, he hadn't called yet by this afternoon, so i called him. the position has been filled, he tells me (fucker! what was the 2nd interview gonna be for, then?), but i should call the manager of the station in auburn cuz they need people. for when the station opens in 2 weeks. right.
so i'd also applied at bunnys and the guy pretty much said the job was mine if i wanted it, i said i'd let him know (cuz i was waiting for mobil, ya see). so i call there, position has been filled. bah.
call homevision. they're not hiring.
o, and i'd applied monday to this telemarketing place that pays wicked good. but they're telemarketing, and i'm all about not doing any phone-heavy jobs for awhile, especialy something fun like that.
so talkin to ben later, he tells me that actually homevision probably *is* hiring, and i should call back tomorrow. k. but the pay there is kinda low, and espeically since this process has taken so fukkin long, thereby leaving me much less time over which to work before hte summer ends, i want something that pays well to make up for it. so my current plan is to apply to the auburn mobil. if i get something good there for when it opens, great, i'll be there for a month. either way, in the meantime i guess i'll shlep back to the telemarketing place. assuming they still want people - tho i get the feeling it's hte sort of place that is always hiring.

oh yeah, and laura was talkin about this assembly line place in raymond (walmat, i believe it's called), that pays like 13/hr. but who knows.

in other news, if i'm still online in 4 hours, SHOOT ME. i have been attempting for the past week to alter my ridiculous sleeping habits (go to bed at 4-5am, get up 1-3pm) but it's failing because i'm an idiot. i'll note hte time at like 1:30, think i should go to bed soon as i finish whatever i'm doing. next thing i know, it's 5am. grr! i don't know exactly why this is an issue suddenly - it's not like i have important things to do in the morning (mebe after i'm working..), but i just want to be less b0rked. meh.

lauri is in ohio til whenever she gets back. like a week or so. crappy.

yesterday was spiffy. got up around 9:40 (when i had my alarm set. actually got up around 9:55). went to temple w/ my mom and brother. it was alright. not that i get anything out of it, but that's the deal with the rabbi for him to answer all my random questions n shit - i have to go to temple sometimes. and it makes my mom happy. after that i dicked around at home for awhile and went to godbout's. manymany people came and went during the afternoon (including a few i really wasn't expecting), and everyone sat around talking and eating ben's food and swimming and watching people be insane (there was a giant rumble in the pool. mass violence! they attempted to get me involved, but i'm bad at doing things in water. it was the shallow end, so it's not like i woulda drowned or anything - just, i try to move vaguely quickly in there and it's working against the water and i get tired after like a second. yay endurance. so i evaded their wrath and just watched). o, and rather than swim in the shorts i was wearing, as at steph's party, i swam in random green shorts i found in a drawer. yay. they even look kinda like a swimsuit, good for me. (*ahem*john, send my clothes*ahem*)
i like nichole alot (for like the 3rd time. i suspect i'm predictable). she's cool and hot and sweet and just generally awesome. but it occurs to me, we never really have anything to talk about. ah well.
anyway, eventually party shifted to biggie's. not everyone showed up there, but there was still a crew. oh yeah, ed was there (at godbout's too). i haven't seen him in damn long. not that we're real close or anything, but he's a cool guy. talks EXACTLY like butthead, whcih never stops being amusing. not like he phrases things the same way or laughs the same or anything, but his actual voice is the same. we watched the end of the shining, most of private parts, most of the prophecy (which was much better than i remember it from the 1st time i saw it). ordered pizza (well, some ppl did, i just ate it. mooching rules). twas a good day.

today was significantly less exciting. basically, i played guitar, went to dinner w/ family, and did onliney things. it's almost 1 now. my plan is to get to bed at 2. i'll either read in the meantime, go thru some more of my bookshelves (whcih i'm cleaning out, if i havent mentioned. god i have some worthless stuff in there), or watch tv. i think millenium is on at 1 so tv might be the winner.

i'm hanging out w/ andrea starr tomorrow. haven't seen her in forever either, so that'll be cool. then tuesday, going climbing with alison brown and some random girl who i suspect i should know but don't. so looks like the week will get off to a good start. oi!

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