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today. better. ok.

those of you who had imaginary friends as a child, tell me about them. did you really believe they were there? did you really see/hear them? how did this work? i never had one (that i remember) so i wonder

i dunno, sometimes i'm all libertarian freedom for all, then sometimes i think most poeple are stupid and should have their lives run for them, and then sometimes people just need a net sometimes. i am definitely intrigued by this though, i want to see how it goes

BujinkinOi (2:35:44 AM): I think I can be very smart, articulate, and put together a well formulated arguement. In fact, in a "court" setting, where everyone I know would be a lawyer... I am fairly certain I could out think/argue/talk whatever anyone else
BujinkinOi  (2:35:56 AM): w/the exception
BujinkinOi  (2:35:56 AM): of you
BujinkinOi  (2:36:11 AM): you're the only person, where all things being equally... and we each had prepared, would destroy me.
King Nixon (2:37:26 AM): if the court setting was on IM or email or something, perhaps. but in real life you would eat me alive. i can't think on my feet
BujinkinOi  (2:38:29 AM): haha that's not true
King Nixon (2:39:05 AM): oh it is
BujinkinOi  (2:39:06 AM): I mean.... I've argued a lot of things w/you in the past totally unprepared and you've proven your point very well... and I think that if we re-ran the same debates, w/full preparation, it'd be a similiar outcome.
BujinkinOi  (2:39:27 AM): and I have no problem admitting that, nor do I think I am any stupider because of it. lol
BujinkinOi  (2:39:54 AM): I think you'd make a helluva of a whatever debates, argues, proves points, and articulates complex thoughts and theories
King Nixon (2:41:08 AM): hmm. maybe, i dunno. i suppose sometimes i can, but i know most of the times i can think of when i am talking to people, like a serious conversation, in my head i have all these great points i want to make and when i try to talk i babble and everything comes out a mess
BujinkinOi  (2:41:28 AM): I dunno man, I've never seen that
King Nixon (2:43:27 AM): i have. or maybe it's just hte way i see myself, i don't know
King Nixon (3:06:39 AM): failing a task doesnt bother me. i fear failing people, or disapointing them

and earlier i was talkin to desiree about independence. i tend to go and do things on my own, or wander off from groups. it's lonely, but it works. i'm afraid to need people who don't need me back. also, i don't want to seem creepy/clingy. so i do the opposite. woo. there is probably a better method than this

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