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"Whoa, wait a minute. This isn't that dumb story about the time you and your friends found that pirate ship in an old cave..." BEST MOVIE LINE EVER

haha me and desiree spent like 4 hours last night downloading music and i danced around her room

look, my new desktop picture (replacing all the old ladies flipping me off)! perhaps it will be inspiring..
the picture at the bottom. and glance through the comic some, too, i think it's one of the more amazing things you can watch grow on the net. up there with perceptions

tonight was meredith's surprise birthday party. such fun, aside from stupid internal drama. but yeah. they are all awesome people, i love that group. dont' see enough of them at all. don't see enough of anyone.
also tonight: too many margaritas (which, really, is any margaritas, but yeah). oog.

i am disapointed by the stupidest things. but i still appreciate all the good.

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