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let's turn out the lights and play a game called "who's in my mouth?"

King Nixon (5:58:33 AM): i <3 peer pressure
King Nixon (5:58:48 AM): speaking of which, i am thinking about auctioning off my virginity on livejournal
ParasitePeta27 (5:59:05 AM): what about ebay?
ParasitePeta27 (5:59:12 AM): you might make some more money?
King Nixon (5:59:26 AM): i might, but i figure on lj i have more chance of knwoing the people bidding
King Nixon (5:59:35 AM): and i can delete bids of people i dont like
ParasitePeta27 (5:59:41 AM): fair enough
ParasitePeta27 (5:59:50 AM): so really it'll be dan picking someone and then they have to pay?
King Nixon (5:59:50 AM): i dont want creepy strangers winning my lovin'!
ParasitePeta27 (5:59:53 AM): haha
King Nixon (5:59:54 AM): yeah basically
King Nixon (6:00:13 AM): of course, depending who bids, i might give it to them free

i had incredible dreams last night. i don't even remember most of it now, but they seemed to span over days, at least. it was like a highschool reunion in one part- we were all in a library somewhere buying records and books and then playing instruments and then everyone fell asleep, and there were people i haven't seen in years, and it was cool to be hanging out with them again (uhh in dreamworld), and then we were under attack and i got captured by aliens or something, but i escaped, but i got shot and died, but then i was on another planet and there was this big conspiracy and this goddess lady helped us out and then i lived as a pig for awhile but not a giant squid, and lasers, and a mall, and it all made perfect sense at the time, and oh man. i wish i could remember. it was some alternate evolution or something where pigs become super smart and take over and kill people. oh and at some point i was married to colleen but then she wandered off somewhere, i dont' remember how that fit in at all, but yay. the moral of the story: my brain is awesome. i wish i could remember it all better, it was just so cool. i woke up, i was like "that rocked!"

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