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tell it on the mountain

dan's new radio timeslot: thursdays 10-midnight
okayokfine (10:42:59 PM): listening to your radio show supposed to be lucky?
King Nixon (10:46:28 PM): yes! i am like a human chain letter. if you listen to me you will win the powerball and jesus will love you more. if you don't listen, pigeons poop on your head

i am learning to speed read. it seems to be working somewhat, so far. it makes my eyes feel funny.

there is a movie called "Loading the Ice on Cars, Conveying It Across the Mountains and Loading It Into Boats". that is fucking brilliance right there

ok my cell was down to 1 battery thing, so i had left it on so it would empty out the battery and i would recharge it. i just looked at it, and it is full. the battery somehow charged itself by sitting on my bed, being on. que l'enfer? i have discovered an untapped natural energy resource: my bed!

saw paperhouse. it was fabulous. somewhere between jacob's ladder and ummm... crap. something i forgot. hm. ah well. but anyway, it's good, so see it. very psychological/dreamlike, horror in parts, all poetic.

also saw it's alive, about a killer mutant baby. thought it would be cheesy/silly horror, instead it was serious and tragic (and cheesy)

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