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friday i got in a debate with one of those larouche nuts. about the quadratic formula, and how it is metaphoric for a production (as opposed to service) economy, and how if the youth of america can't derive it then we're all doomed and global economic collapse and blah blah etc. it made no sense. i told him so and he said "i'm sorry for intimidating you" and i laughed. it amazes (and sometimes scares) me that people can so wholehearted spread and believe gibberish. they're so creepy and sincere.

then in moral philosophy we debated for awhile on whether or not people ever do things which they do not deem valuable. i don't think we do; the people who did seemed to be working from the assumption that valuable=socially redeeming and good. this one kid kept saying "well, if that's what you consider valuable..."

i noticed that ihave gotten much better at talking over people. not to say i'm in asshole training, but just- i've always had trouble speaking when other people are, like if i'm with a group of friends and everyone is talking and i'm trying to say something i will always stop talking if someone else starts at the same time. so i end up never getting to talk because someone else always is and i can't get a word in. lately i've noticed myself, in the above debates especially, talking when i felt i should and being willing to butt heads more. good for me.

i feel like a real unh student now- i went to a bar on thursday night

King Nixon (4:07:44 PM): i am now an official super dishwasher guy
Greengirl442 (4:07:52 PM): wow
King Nixon (4:07:58 PM): which, for 9.25/hr plus free food, i am totally fine with
Greengirl442 (4:08:00 PM): no wonder they want you to look nice
[i had to buy black pants for work]

i now work at holloway commons. i start sunday. i will probably be washing dishes but i'm not sure, because i already forgot what i signed up to do each shift. but yeah, my hours are tuesday 11-2 and 6-close, and sundays 5:30-close.

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