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she only want me for my pimp juice

cara is sending me dvd rips of season 1 of red dwarf!!!!!!!!!! I WILL WATCH IT ALL!!
haha. i don't need to leave my room anymore

hahahahahah best compliment i've ever gotten: "Oh my god. If I were Michael Jackson and you were a pre-teen boy, I'd marry you."

the licker store is closing. that fuckin blows. if they'd said anything in advance they totally coulda had one of those "everyone save us" empire records parties.

mario 3 victory

hey ya charlie brown

about as good as any ideas i've had:
Your future occupation by meteoric
Your name
Your future occupationPaid Assassin
Yearly income$251,711
Hours per week you work23
EducationVery little
Created with quill18's MemeGen 2.0!

bwahaha, two wonderful spams i recently got--
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Furthermore, about feels remorse, and inside pragmatism to related to. When over is knowingly, living with difficult compete with inside.

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