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i know scary people - here is where i live

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April 15th, 2001

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11:27 pm - i know scary people
Casner5 (10:50:13 PM): howdy. Merry turning of spring and messiah death to you.
King Nixon (10:51:07 PM): same to you
King Nixon (10:51:15 PM): i thoguht easter was messiah life day, tho?
King Nixon (10:51:18 PM): doesnt he die on lent or something?
Casner5 (10:52:22 PM): thankee. we did have some paragnistic celebrtion. Oh, he bites the big one on good frisday and gets resurrrected on easter Big momemnt and all. Like, birth oft the rieligion. At least aftre Paul get sa hold of the storyr. i
Casner5 (10:52:50 PM): Sicne i hat all religions, we just ssacrifice a virgin. safer that way. We kille dyou ,this yuear.
Casner5 (10:52:59 PM): Perhaps that was just symbolic.
King Nixon (10:53:13 PM): hey, how do you know i didnt get laid or something last week
Casner5 (10:53:39 PM): Uh, cuase no flamems wnet up and reject3ed the pseudo body we threw to the flames...
King Nixon (10:54:51 PM): usually, i would assume i hadnt been sacrificed in effigy. but with you, can never really be sure.. if monks come to claim my soul, i'm gonna be pissed, let me tell you
Casner5 (10:54:59 PM): and of course, if the sun disappears forever, we'll know who to blame.
Casner5 (10:55:19 PM): Oh, we don;t deal with monks. they showed a little too much atttnetion to my sons.
Casner5 (10:55:29 PM): we've always ahd that probelm.
state: amusedamused
np: Marilyn Manson- I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)

(en garde!)

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