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in which dan fails at his civic duty

first! a quick summary of my morning: get up, get dressed, leave, drive drive, traffic traffic, A lot, no spots in A lot, traffic traffic, west edge, see a bus coming so very quickly find a spot, run to bus stop, see that bus is DRIVING IN CIRCLES for no apparent reason, hypothesize that the driver is training and/or they have been hijacked, wait for another bus to show up, bus shows up, drive drive, traffic traffic traffic traffic, late to work, work, class.
after class, i am going to vote with heron and ben. we take the kuccinich PARTY BUS because it is by far the coolest transportation out there. it's all hippyed up and there's a guy freestyling on it in between rap-funk songs about kuccinich (i coudln't quite make out what htey were rhyming his name with though). so we get there and i am informed that i can't vote in durham because i live in dover. oops. so they vote and we all go back. i figure i'll drive to dover and vote before work. i wait TWENTY MINUTES for a west edge bus, which when it finally arrives, drives all the way back to the durham voting place before actually going to west edge. so by this point i do not have time to go to dover and back before work (at 6). oh well, shmoopy.

ps: everyone write in bush for the democrat spot. it'll be fun.

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