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my comp has been all messed up lately. i uninstalled gozilla cuz it was freezing up all the time, and this somehow broke mediaplayer. after attempting to diddle it around, uninstall/reinstall, i am now back to using version (i think) 6, instead of 7.whatever i had. it's actually kinda better, which says a lot for microsuck's skills.
and randomly, the computer will get wiiiiicked sloooooow. like, it's doing all the same stuff, but much slower. even the pointer moves slower as i move the mouse. it's friggin weird. and annoying as all hell too.
i discovered the napster incompletes folder today. tons of random bits of songs to sift thru, yay! of the 70+ in there, i think about 30 were worth keeping. i don't like having parts of songs, but it's better than none of hte song, right?
but anyway, the main point of this entry is that my computer is dumb and gets slow for no reason and it's dumb. so there.

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