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i like mint

so, watching latenite tv, you can expect to see some craptacular commercials, but this one impressed me. after 'get smart' ends, a commercial kicks in for a special collectable coin issued by the american mint, to commemorate them wanting my money. it's a lovely 10$ coin with a tacky statue of liberty hologram on it.
now, the commercial is going along fine, in standard crap fashion - they have the terrible narration extolling its virtues (fancy hologram! shiny silver! plastic case!), the interviewed 'coin collector' who explained in a verrrry monotone voice that "this is the most absolutely beautiful coin i have ever seen" and "the 3d hologram is like something out of a futuristic sci fi movie". and golly, it's worth 10 dollars, it says "10 dollars" right on it, and the selling price is 10 dollars! what a deal. now, here's the kicker (for those of you more versed in latenite commercials than i, if this is standard procedure, don't mind me). during the i'm-talking-fast-at-the-end-of-the-commercial-so-you-don't-hear-what-i'm-saying section of the commercial, he mentions that these coins are the legal tender of liberia. they're selling coins from fucking LIBERIA. i've never even HEARD of liberia, why do i want their currency? and why is AMERICAN MINT selling it?
oh, and my favorite part of this story? i went to their website, the address of which was helpfully given at the end of the commercial. they don't even have this coin listed.

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