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dirty words are funnier than normal words

so i forgot to mention last nite.. saturday nite, watching private parts at tony's house. now, it was being played on usa, so obviously they had to bleep out some bits of the movie. have you all seen the 'made for tv' version? it's interesting, stern decided that rather than just have the naughty bits snipped, he would occasionally stroll out in front of the (paused) scene, and explain why it coudln't be shown. that's all well and good (and more often than not, quite amusing) so good for him. but some of the things that had to be blipped leave me very confused-
going in no particular order, cuz i don't remember hte order.. at one point, he's interviewing a lady on the radio who is a 'performer'. to demonstrate her skill, she eats a sausage. as in, a nice sausage you can buy at the supermarket. as in, not actually eats it, but slides it in and out of her mouth. except that on tv, it shows her holding the sausage, she says she's going to eat it, moves it towards her mouth, adn then she proceeds to put a sausage-shaped-and-colored blurry blob into her mouth. now admittedly, she's eating this sausage very sluttily, but for gods sake, she's EATING A SAUSAGE. there's no sex going on, there's nothing dirty - unless they're no longer allowed to even suggest sex (which judging from the rest of the movie, is not a problem), or maybe not allowed to show people eating food - there's no swearing or nudity or anything. and it's blatantly obvious what's being covered up. so what do they expect to achieve from blurring the sausage? so anyway, after the scene, stern comes out to explain to the audience (with visual aids, no less!). something to the effect of "in case you didn't catch that, she put hte sausage into her mouth" and points to a picture (hand drawn - badly) of a sausage, and a picture of a woman with an open mouth, with an arrow going from the sausage to the mouth.
so let's recap, shall we: the censors have no problem with us seeing the sausage, as it was shown up until entering her mouth. they have no problem wiht us seeing anything in that scene other than the fellated sausage. they have no problem with anything said. they have no problem with it being explained to us what's going on. i don't see what is being accomplished by this.
another example: at one point, stern makes a prayer. i forget exactly what the prayer was, but it went "jesus christ, [blah blah gimme something]". and the almighty tv censors decided they needed to bleep out jesus christ. !!! since when is that a dirty word?! what the shit is the problem? the rest of the prayer was left in. it was probably mildly dirty, i forget, but nothing offensive. but apparently "jesus christ" (not taking his name in vain or anything, mind you, but making a prayer. a stupid prayer, but a prayer) is now not allowed. i have never heard that bleeped on tv before, and i'm still confused.
one thing i'll give them, they did unintentionally make one scene much funnier. when stern is being chewed out for being dirty on the radio, all his bosses are telling him what he can't do on the air. one of the suits says the list of dirty words you can't say on radio, which on tv are heard as bleep bleep bleep and bleep.
really, all in all, the whole thing proved the point of hte movie much better than the movie by itself could've. so kudos to them.
oh, and they left in an unbleeped 'fuck'. oops.

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