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that was probably the least interesting performance by big d i have ever seen (though one of their new songs was pretty cool). air hockey champion was once again too cute for life, and catch 22 was catchy and ska-y and fun but repetitive, especialy since i dont know any of their songs. then me and colleen went to red arrow and got yummyyum food. and we went by central- the construction is ridiculous! they've totally torn out the courtyard. poor central. the bomb shelter is a really cool place for shows though- it is this random grey unassuming warehouse in the coke factory parking lot (seriously), but you go in and it just looks like this huge rad scummy basement. adn there was this one old dude, like in his 60s, and he was skanking up a storm, it was incredible. he was having hte time of his life in the pit, he was totally the cutest old guy ever. i miss seeing roomfuls of kids skanking, it's so fun. i always feel so old at shows now. i had a really fun night though.
then like an hour later, i'm sitting here IMing and cara magically appears! by whcih i mean her and hart came to kidnap kevin. but it was pretty cool all the same

what the crap, alarms! so my watch alarm doesn't work properly- sometimes it will choose not to go off at all, sometimes it will go off a few minutes late. how the hell does a digital watch go off late? it can't forget, it can't misread itself. i dont' get it. but yeah, this morning i had my (regular non-watch) alarm set for 7:30. i woke up at 7:39 and was confused as to why it hadn't gone off. i examined it, it was set properly, it was on, everything seemed in order. i don't think i hit the snooze in my sleep or anything, cuz i was buried in blanket, and it didn't go off again minutes later. i don't know. so i guess the moral is don't depend on technology to wake you up on time. (though if i'm depending on that very same technology to tell me the time i am judging its functioning based on, i don't know what i can take from that)

spending 100 bucks on a 160gig harddrive what?? mmm impulse buys

never criticise my room again!!!!!!!

give kingnixon more *HUGS*

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i lost my monster bracelet :( hopefully it's just buried in my clutter somewhere

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