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the trials of dancules

longest days everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr omg. so i woke up at like 5:30 saturday for the tournament down at tufts. drove to the whitt and got into a van. down we go, and we get there at like 9ish. turns out i will be in the JV pool as we had 5 male epeeists, so i proceed to spend the next NINE HOURS doing pretty much nothing. finally i get to fence, at which point i begin to suuuuuuuuuck. i did fine warming up, i was against people who presumably were not their teams' creme de la creme, and i got absolutely destroyed. fmeh. on the plus side, the team as a whole did awesome (best male and female club teams!). it was a good day on teh whole - i always have a lot of fun hanging out with them - but ridiculously long. we got back around 1am, and unh had miraculously not ticketed/towed our cars. the most fun was probably the van ride home, when we were all half-asleep and making tons of sense. we (mostly me and mer) decreed that the unh fencing vans would be converted into mobile opium dens/persian royal chambers. i also amused myself during the day by picking random words to use instead of 'thanks' or 'good luck' when we had to go shake the other teams' hands after each round.
yesterday i did essentially nothing until work. here is a short list of things which occurred at work: approximately the entire population of earth came to eat at holloway; they each took 7 dishes and 19 cups; i managed to splash melted icecream all over my face; the icecream dried on my face [having your eyelashes stick together every time you blink is a very odd feeling]; the crazy incoherent boss lady was crazy and incoherent, and i 'accidentally' spilled spaghetti sauce all over her arm (this was her fault, but i still couldve avoided it if i'd really wanted to); i had a nice break with mike, at freaking 9:15 after most of the food was already gone. i have never seen holloway that busy before. i think there was a hockey game or something. stupid hockey game.

i had pretty much forgotten about my take-home linguistics test until kate mentioned it to me saturday. i was going ot do some of it last night after work, but i instead spent like 4 hours diddling my new harddrive, which i had a bitch-and-a-half of a time installing. wtf do you do with a screw that spins freely? i can't get it out, so i can't get my old harddrive out, so i have the IDE cable twisted really messily and i was afraid i was going ot tear something. (i also still have one of my old cd drives in the case because one of the screws is too tight and i can't turn it at all.) the new harddrive is currently being held in place by precisely 1 screw, because it seems to be about a jillionth of an inch too tall and none of the holes quite line up with teh holes in the case. it isn't rattling or anything, but i would still rather screw the damn thing in properly
anyway though, as i was saying before i got off-topic (which, oddly enough, is on-topic), i was going to start my takehome last night but i got distracted by the harddrive. i wanted to go see cara after class today but now i am back here instead because i have to do this all at once. i dunno if i'll make it to fencing tonight either. fmeh.
i also missed my 1st class today. alex had lent me the spike jonze videos dvd, and i started looking at it cuz i had like 15 minutes to kill. i got caught up and then it was 12:30. oops. so in conclusion, i have no attention span and don't get things done.
also, i won the stuff dvd on ebay.


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