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March 17th, 2004

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05:15 pm - holla
if i'm an ass by accident, i probably don't realize i mean it. i'm sorry.

i'm starting to think my sex drive is mostly psychological

i have a disease! probably a virus, probably not mono or strep. this is all i know.

ardentdelerium (9:17:19 PM): :o medical oddity thy name is dan

i was in montreal with cara from friday to tuesday! things occurred! i leave for nyc later today! maybe someday i'll post more about all this. i don't post much anymore. so instead, here's this:

King Nixon (11:06:38 PM): got back from montreal today, going to nyc tomorrow
King Nixon (11:06:42 PM): :)
BIGGIE1982 (11:07:18 PM): how was that? drunken?
King Nixon (11:07:51 PM): not nearly as much as expected
King Nixon (11:08:01 PM): i was only drunk one night
King Nixon (11:08:07 PM): on jewish wine!
BIGGIE1982 (11:08:30 PM): HAHA
BIGGIE1982 (11:08:35 PM): you are such a good heeb.
King Nixon (11:11:58 PM): i'm really not. i'd had bacon that morning and pork the night before
BIGGIE1982 (11:12:51 PM): well, they are tasty.

the contents of my entire livejournal to date (not counting pictures and crap) are somewhere around 4mb. i'm not sure if that is larger or smaller than i was expecting

chinese crunchy noodles + microwave = vaguely creepy macaroni. still tastes good though.

winamp5 likes to make things up. whenever it plays a song that doesn't have a tracknumber listed, it labels it as being track number 4294967295. what?
state: 4294967295
np: Rufus Wainwright - Poses - 06 - The Tower of Learning

(1 shot upside the head | en garde!)


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Date:March 17th, 2004 06:08 pm (UTC)
"chinese crunchy noodles + microwave = vaguely creepy macaroni. still tastes good though."

the chowmein? thoes are so good to munch on. i killed an entire can at work in like a day once. oh man they were soooo good.

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