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July 10th, 2001

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04:48 am - mafuckmachine
yeah.. ya know how the other day i said i was trying to work on going to sleep so late? well check the time on this post. damn and blast. i blame hailey for this, she had to go and link to stupid beliefnet and i ended up reading that for an hour. grr and stuff. oh well.
i've had my alarm set for 1pm for the past few days. i'm not allowed to sleep past that anymore, i decided (even tho i did yesterday. i woke up at 1, decided i was still tired, shut off the alarm [which is actualy my stereo playing link 80 "the struggle continues.."), and lay there for bout a half hour. i don't think i slept, but same difference. i'm a lazy unmotivated schlub. someone come motivate me. seriously.
state: dumb
np: public enemy - welcome to the terrordome

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Date:July 10th, 2001 12:08 pm (UTC)

goddity god god

i got 100% liberal protestant, 99% unitarian, 96% liberal quaker (ha! i'm a quaker..), and i don't remember the rest. my least me-ish one was roman catholic, whcih was like 4% or something.
oh, laur - i'm 49% conservative protestant, which seems to be where you'd be shuffled in. hmm..

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