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being married does not create happiness. being married creates marriage.

jack valenti is finally leaving the MPAA. thank fuckin god.

see 'eternal sunshine of the spotless mind' or i'll fight you. it is oddly beautiful

delicious! = coffee with 2 marshmallows* melted in it and a little bit of milk mmmm
*homemade by desiree!

haha i took the okcupid quiz thing. it said i will grow up to either find true love or be a creepy old man.

andrea is doing way awesomer stuff with her time than i am. seriously.
meetings she went to today:
Riverwhile (10:11:57 PM): letsseee -- solar decathalon, solar studio, acoustics class, and liberian food co-oping
King Nixon (10:12:11 PM): liberian?
King Nixon (10:12:23 PM): haha youre such a hippy, i love it
Riverwhile (10:12:52 PM): liberian refugees that want to start a co-op

spring break plans:
Riverwhile (10:12:40 PM): yeah, i'm gonna help my brother make a particle accelarator, and i'm gonna visit some firends
King Nixon (10:13:21 PM): a particle accelerator?!?
King Nixon (10:13:24 PM): woah neat
Riverwhile (10:13:51 PM): yeah, i promised i'd make him two copper disk thingys
Riverwhile (10:14:35 PM): and the particles go throug them or soemthing -- i'm not too sure, but it will shoot out alpha particles!
King Nixon (10:14:57 PM): wow! that is awesome
Riverwhile (10:15:51 PM): i hope so.  then i want him to help me make a galvanom,eter, one of those crank generator things
Riverwhile (10:16:50 PM): oh yeah, and i'm gonna visit some cousins.  other thanhat , i'm just going to read and maybe ski and sleep
King Nixon (10:18:12 PM): wow, you guys are mcgyver!
King Nixon (10:18:15 PM): that is kickass
Riverwhile (10:18:48 PM): ha,no we're just dorks
King Nixon (10:19:22 PM): yeah, but dorks are awesome

among other things, i am currently downloading the entire nirvana discography, every episode of the gummi bears, and season 7 of teenage mutant ninja turtles. SCORECORE.

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